Monday, September 19, 2011

The Hole

There's a hole in the world we keep trying to fill,
Yet though we all work with all of our will,
The wound in humanity festers there still,
It will keep growing and throbbing until,
We see that our power and all of our might
Can't turn pain into joy or the dark into light -
Though we cry and we groan and we fume and we fight
Though we call the sweet "bitter", and call the wrong "right".
We can't hold back the shadow, nor pour down the rain,
Though still we keep trying... again and again;
We won't defeat death, nor conquer all pain;
But yet each generation toils on in vain.
There's a hole in the world that we never can fill,
But our Maker can, if we yield to His Will,
The wounds in our hearts will fester until,
We choose to let go, to trust God and be still.

K Mihalec

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