Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Should We Be Optimistic?

I heard a radio interview with an economist yesterday. The interviewer asked the economist: "should we be optimistic?" The interviewer, of course, was just talking about the economy.

I wonder, though, are you optimistic? Should you be optimistic? Apart from lots of money still flowing through the country because of a "mining boom", what do you have to look forward to? Is the future of this country really just all about money?

Is the ability to buy huge TVs and innumerable gadgets really a source of hope when neglected kids wander the streets in gangs? Is having a roof over your head really a comfort, when that roof isn't over the heads of those you love as well? Are payrises for politicians really compensation for children dying in state custody?

Isn't it about time you took off the blinkers and actually really looked around you at the world you live in? Can you be optimistic about it? Does what you see inspire hope? Go on, tell me - are you optimistic?

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